The Candidate List

The SVHC list under REACH

About the list

The candidate list is a list of chemical substances that are considered to be particularly problematic for human health or the environment. They are also called SVHC substances (Substances of Very High Concern). These substances are hormone disruptive, carcinogenic, toxic for reproduction or persistent. The EU Chemicals Agency (ECHA) continuously updates the list of new problematic substances.

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Using the SVHC list

Suppliers of a textile product or an article that contains more than 0.1% of a substance from the candidate list are obligated to inform the company importing the goods about this. As a minimum, the name of the substance and advise on safe usage should be relayed. This applies regardless of whether the product is produced within the EU or imported from non-EU countries.

Your company – being a distributor, supplier or retailer – must inform your B2B customers about the substance in the product upon delivery. If a consumer requests information about potentially listed substances, the information should be available within 45 days and at no cost to the consumer. Consumers also have the right to get information about candidate listings in articles they do not buy.

It is important that you get the information that you need to comply with your information duties. If you want to import goods from countries outside the EU, you should ensure that you get the information from your supplier about any substances of very high concern in your textile product or article that are required for you to fulfil your obligations.

There is no legislation prohibiting the use of SVHC substances nor any specific requirements for testing for presence of SVHC substances. However, the authorities call on companies to avoid using these chemicals in their products. The chemicals listed on the candidate list might be regulated in the future.

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